Girls Weekend

Long ago my friend Caitlin had an idea that our group of friends should make it a point to take weekend trips to a new city on a regular basis. For the core group – myself, Lisa, Bryce and Caitlin – our trips have become a tradition. They were also the catalyst for this here travel blog. Our trips not only give us the opportunity to catch up and see each other, they allow us to travel – which is important for a group of hard-working, young professionals who have all been bitten by the travel bug.

Girls weekend getaways are far from a novel idea, but at the end of the day, you have to be disciplined to keep them up on a regular basis, and for so many years. Of course, it is easy to get caught up in our busy lives and push it off, but at some point we all reach a breaking point. Everyone needs to stop the train and get away – even if it’s just for the weekend.

For some inspiration, here is our growing log…

1/2011: New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Cuisine, the attractions and more attractions and more attractions, and of course, the night life.

girls weekend

1/2010: Boston, MA

The plan and the ride.

10/2009: Ocean City & Atlantic City, NJ

The lights, the gambling and the shore.

4/2009: Montreal, Canada

The passports, the food and the travel gear.

2/2009: The Bronx, NY

The road most traveled, the road less traveled and the cake.

10/2008: Portland, ME

The food and the travel divas.

2/2008: San Francisco,  Los Angeles and San Diego, CA

The decision to go, the Jolla, the hills of San Fran, the San Diego Zoo, the Painted Ladies and the views.

2/2008: Portsmouth, NH

The food and more food.

12/2007: Providence, RI

The back story and the trips.

If you ever need tips on any of these locations, or on how to get your friends to commit to taking regular girls weekends, don’t ever hesitate to contact me!

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