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Posted by susan on June 10th, 2015. Filed under: boston travel.

This past Sunday my family and I had nothing on the agenda. No barbecues, no parties, no errands (we do grocery shopping on Saturdays now, don’t be jealous). So we decided to be spontaneous – on a whim, we went to the zoo. The idea just came to us, I looked up Sunday hours and boom, we were in the car on our way to Stone Zoo just north of Boston. The idea was conceptualized, executed and completed within hours, which is pretty impressive with a 16-month-old in tow if I do say so myself.

stone zoo

This post isn’t recap of our trip, you’ve been to a zoo before, they’ve got animals. It’s more of a reflection on what spontaneity and adventure looks like for me today, as a full time working mother who hasn’t been on a plane since before I was pregnant.

What I’ve learned is, it’s all relative.

There’s a point in your life – well, my life – when the day-to-day bogs you down so much that making plans seems daunting. That’s a battle I’ve had with myself for a while, and I’ve got this blog here to hold me accountable. And as your life and lifestyle evolves, no matter what shape that takes – as a parent, employee, significant other, friend – your perspective of what’s possible changes too.

Will I get on a plane again soon? Once I settle into a new professional adventure I’ve got on the horizon, I’ll be ready to put a plan that’s been in the works for a while into action.

But for now, I’m defining adventure a little differently. And if it takes me to a place that can create awe, joy and amazement in my daughter, that’s plenty adventure for me.

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