peeling back the layers

Posted by susan on October 18th, 2014. Filed under: boston travel, everyday adventures.

Today my yoga teacher laid out an analogy that made me think intellectually for the first time in a while, probably because these days, yoga – the third class I’ve been to in maybe a year – is the only time I have no choice but to think of nothing but the present. She told a story about her life before yoga, which included an array of fitness roles, from aerobics instructor to personal trainer. In those roles, she told us that one of the most asked questions she’d receive was, “how do I get six pack abs.” Her answer: “you have them, you just have some layers on top.” In the context of our class, she related these “layers” to anything and everything that might be weighing us down. Whatever our goals, or “intentions” are, “we have them already,” we just have to peel back the layers.

It made me think a lot about who we are as people versus who we let ourselves be.

My daughter, even at eight months, has a sense of curiosity that I already know will take her places – as long as I empower her to run with it and always trust her instincts. When I pick her up at daycare each day her teachers tell me that when they’re playing with or even trying to feed the other kids, she crawls all over them so she can be a part of the action. It makes me feel proud, but mostly a bit relieved that maybe she won’t inherit my sense of reservation, my insecurities or my inability to act on instinct, but instead, be pragmatic to a fault.

Those, to name a few, are my layers.

Before my yoga class – which attending in the first place was in its own way, peeling back a layer – Mike, Madeleine and I spent our Saturday not thinking about obligations or what we “should” have been doing. Instead, we set out on our own little adventure. It started with pancakes and it ended with farm animals and gorgeous fall leaves.

natick organic farm

How was your Saturday?

I hope it was adventurous, whether you kept it local or took it far, far away.

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