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Posted by susan on June 21st, 2014. Filed under: everyday adventures.

This post – my first in ages – was started and stopped many times over the last several months. That’s because I had a baby.

mom and baby

My sweet little Madeleine is about 4 months old now. It’s become clear that all of the adventures I’ve had to date were leading up to this point – this is what I was always meant to do. I look back and laugh at the times  I thought I was so busy balancing work and life now that Motherhood has jammed itself into the mix, but there’s a lot it has taught me. They’re lessons that aren’t groundbreaking, or even surprising, but there’s a big difference between knowing them and knowing them.

Most important, you can’t plan everything. Not much about my pregnancy went according to plan, and I’m blogging right now because my sweet little babe is taking a nap, but in this moment I know that I may never finish this post. And that’s okay. You have to embrace that sense of uncertainty because you never know what unexpected good it can bring. Once that’s accomplished, suddenly the hurdles that once would have caused you to fall aren’t so hard to overcome. 

Don’t take free time for granted. Especially since going back to work, cherishing the time I have with my daughter and my husband has taken a whole new meaning. My effort to evolve away from my type A tendencies and to SHUT THE LAPTOP ALREADY has hastened. In fact, I feel like a fool for ever acting any other way.

Finally, sleep is overrated. No, it’s not. But how else am I going to get through each day without that little lie? 

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