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Posted by susan on September 17th, 2012. Filed under: getaways.

When you’ve got a nine to five job and have a limited number of vacation days a year, it’s easy to get a little ahead of yourself when it’s time to travel. As we planned our trip to Budapest, Mike couldn’t stop to take a breath without me finding a window of opportunity to bulk up our stay with a list of side trips.

Mike wisely reminded me that the trip on which we were about to embark was also a vacation. Time away from work and planning so we could properly relax and recharge. Reluctantly at first, I decided to take his advice and what followed was a bold decision that somehow brought us to uncharted territory.

When we went to Budapest, we simply stayed in Budapest.

Sure we were just a few hours away from places like Prague and Vienna, but we also became so familiar with one city that we adopted a regular cafe, the Central Cafe. I even became the mayor for a hot second.

Centrál Kávéház

We didn’t pack up our bags and move there, but for the first time since I did that in another city, I was reminded what it’s like to truly immerse yourself in a new place. I can’t say I won’t city hop again – let’s face it, I’ve only got a few weeks a year to get away and it’s a big world out there – but next time I’ll definitely be more open to slowing down.

How do you prefer to travel?

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