Nintendo Wii U, a sneak peek in Chicago

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Last month I was one of the lucky Nintendo Brand Enthusiasts to attend the Nintendo Wii U sneak peek party in Chicago. It was somewhat of a spontaneous decision. Get on a plane in a few weeks and travel to a city I’ve never explored without really knowing who’ll be there or what this top secret weekend will entail? Sure! I was about to board the plane when I saw Lacey Bean check-in to an airport and began to piece together what would be a fun and crazy 24 hour adventure.

Once me and fellow my enthusiasts were unleashed onto the party, we hopped from game to game to test out what’s set to launch “around the holidays.”


I tried a lot of new games like the Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition – which was so cool – and the New Super Mario Bros U. But my favorite games were for the Wii Fit U. One game, called Waiter Wabble, turns you into a waitress (or a waiter) as you balance the Wii U GamePad as a food tray to serve the guests.

What I couldn’t get enough of were Just Dance 4, and Sing (I think the name is a work in progress). Both games are perfect for parties, at least if you’re like me and my friends. With Just Dance 4 you simply mimic the dancers on the screen in front of you, except it’s interactive and competitive. The game rates how well you match your moves.

Sing lets you and your friends sing and dance with the characters on the screen – you can opt to have it rate your vocal performance or just have fun. There’s a main performer and the game prompts your friends to sing backup, dance and clap along.

The best part of both games is that the songs available are just what the cool kids are listening to these days. Yes, you will be party rockin’.

wii u fit

After an awesome night packed with what I can only describe as true, unabashed fun, Justine from Brand About Town took the group to the amazing Blackbird Restaurant. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself.

chicago restaurant

We started with this work of art salad…

blackbird in chicago

I enjoyed a chicken and an a egg with a delicious risotto…


And ended the meal with an incredible dessert that I’m still dreaming about…

dessert at blackbird

Of course, I couldn’t have asked for better company.

We ended the evening with a fireworks show over the beautiful Chicago skyline…


Disclaimer: As a Brand Enthusiast for Nintendo, I was flown to Chicago and provided accomodations.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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