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Posted by susan on June 25th, 2012. Filed under: everyday adventures.

Some people ask me why I started blogging and I’ve got a slew of reasons for them. I love to travel and I thought that tracking my travels would be a great way to hold myself accountable.  It would be a way to not let my all too practical side get the best of me. So far, it hasn’t, well, not all the time anyway.

Those reasons still stand, but they’re not why I keep blogging.

I keep blogging because of the community.

The first place that taught me about real community was twenty something bloggers, which incidentally is celebrating it’s 5th year. Why don’t you go over and say Happy Birthday! I’ll wait….

That community encouraged me to bring my digital relationships to real life. Back in 2008 I discovered these things called “blogger meetups” and after a few emails and blog comments, found myself nervously wandering into the Pour House alone to meet people that I had met online in person for the first time. I was a little scared.

Today, I’m happy to say those people aren’t just bloggers I met in 2008, they’re my friends.

Two weekends ago I to celebrated the marriage of Susie and her now husband, Chris, alongside Chelsee, Becca and Julie Q. My best blog buddies turned real-life friends.



Why do you keep blogging?

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