on permanence, and pretty travel photos

Posted by susan on May 21st, 2012. Filed under: everyday adventures, stylish travel.

I believe in surrounding myself in travel even when I’m home.

I started this post with one simple intention: to show you how pretty the walls of our new home are getting with travel photos encased in cheap, but of course lovely, frames from the Christmas Tree Shop.

I was going to refer back to the beautiful map that Mike made me before we even moved into our apartment together – the one where I place pins of each and every trip. You know, to show you another example of how I like to surround myself with travel reminders, especially at home. As I searched for that link my nrelate plugin pointed me to the other times I captured my efforts to make my home seem more transient. But then I got a little emotional.

These discoveries didn’t just make me realize that I clearly obsess over taking photos of photos just to blog them. The post that was just meant to show you pretty pictures in my dining room took me back to the time Mike and I first moved into our new apartment and started decorating. It took me to the first time we printed and posted our travel photos and hung them on the wall, also thanks to the cheap, but lovely frames from The Christmas Tree Shop. It took me to the time our friends gifted us with more memories of places we loved and lived before then. It took me back to the times that Mike and I both reached milestones and then put a stamp on them in the form of memories that hung above our heads when we watched TV or overlooked us as we ate dinner at the dining room table.

So this post was a little more than pretty pictures, I’m coming to realize…

…it’s us preserving memories the same way we always have, just in a new place.

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