travel makes you slow down

Posted by susan on May 4th, 2012. Filed under: epicurious travel, getaways.

My muscles are flexed 99.9 percent of the time, probably even while I sleep. I get antsy when I wait. I don’t walk up stairs, I run, for no reason. I walk as if I’m being chased, as if what I’ve got to do must be so important. It’s not. I respond without thinking sometimes and if I find that I’ve got an extra minute, an hour or more in a day by God I will find some way to fill it. My life runs on the same clock as everyone else’s, but for some reason I’m built to think I don’t ever have much time.

That’s my ordinary life.

I like to travel because it doesn’t just take me away from my surroundings, it takes me away from my habits and it forces me to adapt to a lifestyle that just isn’t a part of my DNA.

In Budapest, I got to slow down. Yes, it was because I was “on vacation” but it was also because of the place. Mike and I learned that while the city is huge and bustling, there is no need to rush. We learned that fine lesson over the course of a few restaurant visits. What we at first misconstrued as a very busy waiter at our first stop, we came to realize that in Budapest, if you want your check you have to ask for it, every time. And it wasn’t a bad thing. It was a given that we were there to get away, to step away from our routines and who is anyone to rush us through that?

After our four hour art nouveau architecture tour we settled into Hadik Kávéház, or Hadik Coffee House, which is one of the city’s legendary grand cafes. It was originally opened in 1911 and was visited by famous writers and journalists. We sat upstairs, melted into a couple of comfy chairs and relaxed for four long hours…

We enjoyed a few local beers, I enjoyed this mound of heaven – chicken, cream cheese, noodles and Tabasco sauce…

…while Mike savored a wiener schnitzel.

Thankfully, I have these photos to remind myself to slow down when I get a little crazy.

How do make yourself slow down?

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