if bourdain came back to boston, i’d take him to island creek oyster bar

Posted by susan on March 6th, 2012. Filed under: boston travel, epicurious travel.

I bet you thought I wouldn’t follow through with my promise to continue my imaginary journey with the great Anthony Bourdain, should he ever decide to come back to Boston. Well, I know I took a while, but away we go.

After a jaunt to the burbs, I’d get back into the city and head on over to Island Creek Oyster Bar.


I grew a taste for oysters when my dad started going down the Cape to dig them out of the ocean with his bare hands and bring them back for us to eat – in many forms. While cooking up a batch of Oyster Rockefeller, we slurp down buckets of them raw. You might say that when it comes to oysters, I’m spoiled. I’d agree. In fact, having this luxury makes it difficult to branch out. Why try other selections when the freshest possible are as far as a mere trip your parents’ house?

But Island Creek Oyster Bar is different – and I don’t just like them because I trust that they are fresh. What I like about them are their roots. Island Creek Oysters, founded by Skip Bennett, started as an oyster farm with a mission to grow the world’s finest oysters. Evolving from these roots, the Oyster Bar is designed to celebrate oysters with an emphasis on oyster education and a commitment to sustainability. To me, this mindset not only makes them a great source for fresh oysters, it makes them a great member of the Boston community. Hence my reasoning for bringing our good friend Bourdain there.

Island Creek Oyster Bar offers oysters from across the country, but the oysters they serve are delivered by farmers they know and trust. On a recent visit, I enjoyed a few local selections.


What you’ll learn at Island Creek is just how complex oysters really are. It’s amazing how different they can taste from each other even when separated by just a few towns.


There’s also more than one way to enjoy an oyster. For those who get squeamish around raw ones, you can also try them in the form of sliders. Warning: they are incredibly addicting.


Where else would you take Bourdain if he came back to Boston or, if you’re not from around here, your own city?

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