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Posted by susan on February 26th, 2012. Filed under: boston travel.

There are landmarks and tours and restaurants and parks and museums that we can visit in a city to really get a sense of its culture, its history, its cuisine. But there are other things that showcase a bit of its character – that can’t always be found in a guidebook – that also make a city special.

A few years ago, the Boston Art Commission┬álaunched the Paintbox Program in an effort to highlight local artists and deter vandalism. The result is utility boxes, that once blended into the concrete sidewalks of Boston, that now jump out at you as you meander the city streets. These boxes now serve as blank canvases for our city’s own local artists.

I love stumbling across new ones, but here are some of my regulars…

Broadway Street, Boston

Corner of Washington Street and Beacon Street, Somerville

Downtown Crossing, Boston

Russell Street, Somerville

What makes your city special?

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