girls weekend in new york, suburb edition

Posted by susan on February 13th, 2012. Filed under: epicurious travel, girls' weekend.

When we arrived at Caitlin’s new house in New York – after some brainstorming on how we’d spend our time – we eventually came to the conclusion that we would, as always, build the weekend around food.

On Friday night Caitlin fed us incredible shrimp burgers that she made using a New Orleans recipe book that we got her as a gift at her bridal shower, in memory of one of our last trips. They were so good that there’s no trace of them here. They were gone before I even thought to get my camera out.

The next morning though, I got my act together when her incredible banana fritters came out.


After we stocked up, it was time to get adventurous in our Northface jackets.

We visited a lovely little place called Cold Spring, New York. The Hudson River separates Cold Spring and Bear Mountain, which hovers over the historic village. It’s only an hour or so away from Manhattan, but it reminded me of being lost in a village way up in Northern Maine.


It’s a place that in some ways is frozen in time.


And it’s dotted with boutiques, coffee shops, cafes and antiques…


…that carried some little treasures.


After a long day of window shopping, we brought our weekend back to its roots – the food. This little number held us over before a late night dinner and a night on the town in White Plains. Yes, you read that right, we partied in White Plains. It’s a crab pretzel that was baked and layered with a healthy dose of cheese. Unreal.



We didn’t remember to take a photo until Sunday morning before we hit the road. Thanks to Caitlin’s husband, Mark, we made it happen. We don’t look tired, right?


Next time…

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