preserving travel memories

Posted by susan on November 6th, 2011. Filed under: everyday adventures, stylish travel.

When I travel I collect whatever I can get my hands on. Things like guidebooks, coasters, plane tickets and post cards live in my carry ons for months, years even, after each and every one of my trips. When I return home though, I almost always let them go to waste. I’m sentimental until my urge to throw away takes over.

As much as I like to chronicle my adventures here on my blog, in a more tangible sense, I’m just not a scrapbooker. The last time I actually documented my travels beyond my blog was in 2004 when I returned home from studying abroad in Ireland. I purchased a white  binder – with the intention of making it pretty on the outside – and stuck my little memories between thin films of plastic and cardboard. Today, on the outside, it’s still blank canvass.

scrap book

And the inside is sort of withering away – partly due to me peeling back the plastic to occasionally scan old memories for my blog, but mostly due to time and unfortunate neglect.

I’m not one to make concrete resolutions, but as we get closer to the New Year, one promise I’d like to make to myself is to be more organized, especially when it comes to documenting my travels.

How do you preserve your travel memories?

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