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Mike and I have been plotting out a plan to purchase a brand new DSLR, maybe for Christmas. He’s actually good at photography and I, well, have a blog. In the meantime I rely on my little gadgets, mostly my iPhone these days because it seems that more often than not it provides a better quality photo than my point and shoot and it’s also easier to consolidate while traveling.

Then Darin Rogers came along and proved that one shouldn’t feel restricted by their device to take a great photo. Darin is a freelance travel and cultural photographer and he recently offered me the opportunity to read his first ebook, an introduction to travel photography called Capturing the Journey – A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of Travel Photography.

darin rogers travel photography book

I loved the book for many reasons, but mostly because it spoke directly to the kind of photographer I am. I’m someone who simply wants to capture my travel adventures in a truly vivid way. I’m not out to become a professional travel photographer, but I always want to walk away from a trip with more than a slew of one dimensional shots of landmarks. I want my experiences captured.

Throughout the book, Darin offers tips that are simple and unexpected. For example, don’t be afraid to include people in a photo when you’re trying to capture a building or don’t feel like you have to position your object at the center of the photo, mix it up.

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Darin’s book was direct, simple and it was eloquently written. He coupled brief explanations with beautiful shots to demonstrate the recommendations. I learned a lot from Darin’s book. Like, taking a good photo is so much more than clicking a button to snap an image, it’s about how you compose the image- take your surroundings into consideration.

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travel photography ebook

One of my favorite quotes by Darin perfectly conveys how I strive to approach all of my travels: Culture isn’t just about festivals, though. It’s really about the ‘everyday': how we live our lives on a day to day basis.


As much as I try to experience culture in this way, I am always challenged by capturing it, but Darin shares some great advice on what to look out for and how to approach new situations. Darin also has some interesting takes on taking photos of architecture, which I will appreciate on travels with my architect. And he helps readers through one of the biggest challenges that I happen to face when traveling: light. When you travel, you don’t have the luxury of building your day around when it’s best to take a photo. Capturing your adventures is fleeting and Darin helps his readers see the potential in the light available to them.


I highly recommend Darin’s ebook, which sells for $10 and he offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee for anyone who is not completely satisfied. But trust me, you will be.
Disclosure: Darin sent me a review copy of his ebook for free, but the thoughts and opinions in this post genuinely my own.
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