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When you only have so much time in one place you have to be selective, especially when there is so much to do – and in Halifax, that’s absolutely the case. We took our first day one step at a time, wandering around most of the city on foot and stopping by some pretty cool museums along the way.

Our first stop was the Museum of Natural History and one of my favorite parts was meeting this little guy, who sits near the entrance keeping watch on the visitors.

museum of natural history

My second favorite exhibit was of course, the whales. I love whales and I have since I can remember. You’ll see in a few posts that I continued to integrate that into our trip later on.

whale exhibit

We also checked out some other nautical specimens, including this gigantic lobster. I’m standing there for scale, I’m five feet tall.

lobster exhibit

This ugly little guy, a native of Canada, has been creeping down south and today can be found in the New England area reeking havoc on domestic cats, chickens, turkeys, rodents, you name it. It’s a fisher cat. My parents have seen a couple of them while walking my sister and her husband’s dog in a suburb outside of Boston. Though it doesn’t seem so big, that thing would eat their little pug in one bite if it had the chance.

fisher cat exhibit

Next we made our way to the Halifax Citadel. Today they maintain some of the routines from when it was in operation, like firing canons every day at noon (except Christmas) and drills. It’s always cool to get a history lesson from another country’s perspective.

halifax citadel

halifax citadel drill

Next we visited the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

maritime museum halifax

The Titanic exhibit might have been my favorite part. It was incredibly moving and it brought to light a piece of history that isn’t too commonly known – Halifax’s integral role in the aftermath of the disaster.

In addition to relics from the ship, the exhibit recreated passenger rooms that offer a tiny peek into what it was like for first, second and third class passengers. There is also a beautiful piece of artwork painted on the walls in the exhibit honoring Titanic passengers.

titanic exhibit halifax

Have you ever been to Halifax? What was your favorite place?

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