cardigan lobster supper

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While we couldn’t eat authentic Prince Edward Island lobsters because the season had just passed, it didn’t feel right leaving PEI without a proper lobster supper. Following a tip from a local, we found ourselves spending our last night in on this beautiful island in Cardigan –  Cardigan Lobster Supper to be exact.

The lobster supper at this place is so popular, the waitstaff assumes it’s why you’re there, which definitely streamlines the ordering process. And why wouldn’t you be? Their five course supper offers seafood on top of seafood on top of a lobster…

cardigan lobster supper menu

We started with the bottomless cup of seafood chowder. It was probably my fourth cup since we left Boston, but Cardigan Lobster Supper made it their own with some interesting spices.

pei fish chowder

Next, we had mussels, which were simple, pure and delicious.

mussels in pei

I did my best to pace myself to make sure that I’d have room for the actual lobster.


And that wasn’t a problem. After cleaning each and every plate, I went on to finish their homemade apple crisp.


We also couldn’t resist seeing what their “Cardigan Coffee” was all about. Presented like an Irish coffee, this coffee was topped with DK Rum, Kahlua and Grand Marier.

cardigan coffee

There was more to this place than the food though. The location was beautiful. We sat on the back deck overlooking the bay.


After supper we wandered the bay and watched the sun dip into the horizon…

lobster boat


sunset in cardigan pei

It was the perfect way to end our stay in PEI before heading off to Halifax…

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