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A crinkly piece of paper with a map drawn by a pharmacist who humored Mike’s French gave us our direction in Tunis.

traveling in Tunis

We arrived after a series of flight delays and a few unnecessary pit stops not having planned a thing. Also, because we had just finished planning our wedding, we didn’t have time to call Verizon to figure out if and when we’d be overcharged when using our smartphones, so we didn’t bother bringing them when we wandered. Hence, we couldn’t resort to them for last minute navigating.

Believe it or not, the above map, and what Mike could gather from the pharmacist, did put us on the right track. It got us to where we were going and it set the stage for how we would spend our time there – meeting and talking with the people of the Tunisia.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how technology impacts me on a daily basis, most often when it fails. A couple of months ago my phone died while in San Francisco and assuming I could rely on it for phone calls, telling time and a map, I wasn’t prepared to wander the streets without it when it broke. But somehow, I got by seeking things out the old fashioned way – by asking questions and sometimes, simply striking up conversations for company.

I never leave home without my phone glued to the palm of my hand. But I find that when technology is lost, human connection always leads the way.

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