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Lately I’ve been feeling as though I’m floating through space and time. We’re approaching a long weekend, which is exciting, but I didn’t even realize it until this week. One minute Boston felt like London with the consistent rain and then all of a sudden, we got a heat wave. Weekends go by too quickly and weeknights fade until they are abruptly interrupted by the offensive blare of an alarm clock.

I have been lacking something. Creativity, adventurousness, I’m not sure what. I think I’ve been letting things that tend to be daunting beat me, instead of stomping them out with an aggressiveness that I know is innate in me.

Helping me to climb out of this fog is the anticipation of some exciting events. Next weekend, my little sister gets married and words can’t describe my excitement. Also, today I requested time off for a trip to Nova Scotia with Mike, my mom and dad. The trip isn’t planned, but the time is plotted out.

It’s a step in the right direction.

I have also been leaning back for inspiration too. Tonight, I reminisced past travels through photos and I came across one that made me think out loud, even though I was alone – man, my husband is brilliant.

He took this…

travel photo of wine tasting

It’s from our honeymoon when we were in Mijas, Spain while wine tasting. This photo doesn’t even capture the wine we drank or the food we ate, just the rinds. But somehow, it’s still beautiful.

And if something like that can’t motivate me to get up and go – learn something, experience something new, I don’t know what will.

Last week I shared some of my photography struggles with you and I asked for some of your tips. They were wonderful. So I wanted to share them today not only because they were great, but because they were from people who always keep me inspired – through their comments, their blogs, their adventures, and of course, their photos…

Kristin of Camels and Chocolate: Always carry a tripod (even if it’s a mini) with you for night shots or shooting in low light. If you can’t haul one with you around the city, find something to balance your camera on so you can take a longer exposure shot (i.e. let more light in) and not worry about blur.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures: Always look for a unique way to capture something, especially if it’s something that has been photographed a million times!

Dominique of Midwest Guest: The beauty of digital is that you can take a -lot- of images :) I’m always looking for a different angle, or zooming in on details in an attempt to get a more unique photo. I did one entire post where I zoomed in on details or crazy angles when I covered a public art show.

Erin of And Her Heart is in Ireland: i just take a ton of the same shot – and some of my favorite pictures are of sunset or sunrise.

Sues of We Are Not Martha: I’m the same way… super impatient when it comes to photography. I want to be better but I just don’t “get” it. So, I basically take 50 of the same photo and hope one comes out :) Thank goodness for digital cameras! And thank goodness for the spring/summer when it stays light out later :)

Liz of Two Weeks to Travel: Good tips! Like someone mentioned above, I always try to take pictures from different angles or views, it can make some of the shots of ‘standard tourist’ places seem a bit more exciting. I also have started to prefer to take pictures when it isn’t as sunny out, I love dusk, but also like rainy days now, I find light that isn’t so bright makes for some good shots.

Thank you guys for always inspiring me.

What keeps you inspired?

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