when i travel, i’m a hat person

Posted by susan on May 16th, 2011. Filed under: girls' weekend, stylish travel.

extension mattie

[photo courtesy of Bryce of Extension Mattie per her Etsy photo shoot: girls weekend in New Orleans Edition, in which I’m sporting a beautiful, hand-made light purple and gold flecked cozy cowl]

When my girls weekend crew and I were wandering the streets of New Orleans, a strange, yet stylish urge came over me as we went in and out of local shops. I suddenly wanted to buy a hat. So I did, and it was thrilling.

What a weirdo you’re thinking, right?

Well, I dress pretty conservatively – and by that I don’t mean that I wear turtle necks and slacks (haha, ‘slacks’) – I just mean that I never really take risks. Yes, I know that a hat is far from considered a ‘risk’ to most, but to me, it’s just not something I feel I can pull off in my day to day life.

When traveling though, I can wear a hat. I can be stylish. I can be anybody.

I wore the hat for the entire trip and told myself that I’d still wear it when I got home. It hasn’t been worn since. All won’t be lost though when I bring it on my next trip and wear it shamelessly.

What kind of person are you when you travel?

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