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Thank you for sharing why you like to travel with me last week. I think it’s always important to stop and really think about that so we don’t stray from taking chances or pursuing things that will make us happy simply because we get too stuck in the daily grind.

I loved your responses, so I’m going to share them today.

Get ready for some travel inspiration…

MichelleI like to travel because I love waking up someplace new and totally exploring the area, especially their food scene!

ShannaleeI totally get that. Traveling reminds you that there is a whole world out there, operating independently of you; that the world is bigger and broader than you could know in your own small circles. I love the way it enlarges my perspective, too. Also: I like to travel to get away, to relax, to find adventure, to share new experiences with someone, to experience things by myself, to taste new foods, to see new sights, to learn, to discover, to shake up my regular routine…. : )

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures It’s so bad for me that while I’m traveling I’m already dreaming of the next place I’ll visit. Has it really been almost 6 months since your honeymoon, wow!!!

erin – heart in ireland i love seeing the history and what has happened places. i also love seeing the culture, people and how similar our lives really are all over the world! and the adventures you have!

Kerry… Hey, you should travel to Fullerton, California. It is truly a magical place you will never forget. (Ker, we’ll plan a trip soon!)

SuesI agree, traveling gives me a fun energy, too. I love learning and experiencing new things that will be with me forever. Plus, traveling always makes me appreciate home so much more!! :)

Lisa… travel pieces the world together a bit more. you get where people are coming from by seeing different experiences. i like the new buildings, new food, new people. i like traveling with people i know well in everyday life and seeing out relationship in a different environment. because people are themselves after a few days of traveling and getting out of their routine. and i guess i like the actual travel time–getting to and from a place–sitting on a plane, driving. i think leaving and going back to your home makes you think a little harder–makes you understand what you are happy to leave behind and what you want to come back to.

Kristin B…. I definitely have the itch to go travel right now. I have had one for about a month. Its the ‘getting away from it all’ that pulls me in, wanting to jump on a plane and experience something new. It all comes down to wanting to see, learn, and have new memories with whomever you chose to travel with/for. Traveling to me always involves shutting the cell phone off and ‘unplugging’, which is beyond valuable in today’s society.

Eric IngisI love to travel because it is something new. Everything is new; the food, the weather, and the people. I always love experiencing new things and traveling to foreign lands to experience new languages and cultures and learn about them as well. I want to travel to France soon and have that sort of experience since i have already been to popular travel destinations such as London and Mexico already. I talk a lot of talk unfortunately, as life gets in the way of these travel adventures. PS, would love to catch up with you and Mike on your BK tour!

Melanie SchneiderTraveling to me fulfills an urge for something different, a change. Although I can be a creature of habit, whenever I feel that I am in a rut, or something has become to stagnant, all I want to do is travel in order to see new things, to do new things, meet new people, etc. Ultimately, I think my favorite part of traveling is meeting new people with entirely new perspectives and attitudes. It makes you reflect on yourself and the way you view the world. Travel simply excites me – just seeing a plane in the sky makes me want to get up and go!

katelin i love to travel simply to explore new places. it is just so fun to go somewhere new and try new places to eat and everything in between. then again i also like going to places i’ve already been and visiting and just yes. i think i just love a good adventure.

Heather PranitisWow, I have to say the overall experience of traveling besides of course being on “vacation” and not working. But, really I like experiencing new things. I’ve really expanded my traveling expectations since our trip to Europe last November and we are in the process of planning a Venice trip for “this” November. I have to agree with you its the perspective but, its also the relaxation and the enjoyment that I experience in my travels.

Have lovely weekends. Safe travels!

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