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Help Our Penyu - empowering the Malaysian public

Terengganu, Malaysia has a long stretch of large, flat beaches that make for a perfect turtle nesting environment. Today though, large stretches of the beach are no longer surveyed for turtle nests because nesting populations are so low it’s not financially viable to survey all the beaches – there is too much man power required.

To solve that problem, some amazing people formed the Walk for Turtles. Beginning in 2010 the annual walk began on World Sea Turtle Day (June 16th) on a small scale in which a 10 day survey was conducted that covered over 200km and 10 islands. This year, the walk will expand to cover the entire length of Terengganu and will cover 300km of beach. Throughout the walk the team will visit six primary schools and teach the children about sea turtles and the impact of litter on their environment.

Also new to this year’s Walk for Turtles is that suitable stretches will be made open to the general public – which is a fantastic opportunity for travelers who don’t just want to travel, but also want to put their valuable time and effort behind a meaningful cause.

To learn more check out the site and download a brochure. And if your company would like to sponsor the walk take a look at the sponsorship brochure.

In the least, do yourself a favor and follow the walk via:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/helpourpenyu

Twitter – www.twitter.com/helpourpenyu

Blog – blog.helpourpenyu.com

I promise you’ll be both impressed and inspired…

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