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If this weekend had a soundtrack it would be the sound of rushing water.

The sun was out, the temperature was warm and the snow was melting  into the gutters and turning into little, urban waterfalls. Spring is near. And for a New Englander who has endured major snow storms on almost a weekly basis, it was impossible to resist being outside. So on Saturday, Mike and I took a walk.

We set out to visit the Cambridge Public Library, which has a new glass building designed by William Rawn Associates Architects that is  joined to the restored landmark, which was designed in 188 by Van Brunt & Howe, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building earned the Harleston Parker Medal for being the “single most beautiful building” built in the Boston metropolitan area in the past ten years.

One of the wonderful parts of being married to an architect is being enlightened by facts like this and as a result, gaining an appreciation for things I’d otherwise take for granted. Before Mike, a library simply housed books.

While on our mini architectural tour, Mike captured some photos…

On the way to the library, Broadway Marketplace lured us in with a sign for a wine tasting, which happens to take place every Thursday and Saturday.

This weekend they were sharing Grenache from three different countries – France, Spain and Australia – to show how location influences the grape. I was shocked at how different each wine tasted. There was an Espellet Garnacha from Spain, a Yalumba Old Vine Grenache from Australia and an Andre Brunel Grenache from France, which we ended up purchasing. Steve Kerr, Broadway Marketplace’s wine buyer, let us know that he drinks it regularly because it’s a kind of wine that tasts better as time passes, even after you’ve opened it. 

broadway marketplace wine tastings

How was your weekends?

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