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Posted by susan on February 26th, 2011. Filed under: everyday adventures, travel tips.

In 2004 Lisa and I backpacked a portion of Europe. When making arrangements for places to stay, a lot of guess work was involved. In Brussels, for example, we chose a hostel that fit our requirements – it was technically in the city and it was cheap. After arriving in Brussels, we navigated the streets and upside down maps to find our hostel, which we learned was a little more off the beaten path than we had hoped. At one point, a car passed that was filled with passengers who threw rocks at us while yelling, “stupid Americans!” or something like that. Keep in mind, it was 2004 and Bush was president so the sentiment toward the U.S. in Europe wasn’t so friendly. That said, we learned that while we had found a place to stay that was affordable, and was actually pretty fun at night (they had an amazing selection of Euro beers), the neighborhood wasn’t quit right for a couple of young, wide-eyed college gals from the U.S.

A few weeks ago, my friend Susie introduced me to NabeWise, and because of scenarios like the above – and of course, because Susie is always one step ahead of the next big thing – I knew NabeWise was going to be great.

So I signed up, got to reviewing and also checked out some of the neighborhoods that I don’t always spend a lot of time in even though they’re just a T ride away. NabeWise is primarily a tool for people looking to move to a particular neighborhood, but need an insider view before taking the leap. But it is also a great resource for travelers who want a more specific and personalized view of where to stay – whether it be for a quick weekend or for a longer trip.

Nabewise is great because for the many neighborhoods that make up a city, you can find reviews and ratings based on a number of characteristics. NabeWise also features the best blogs in each neighborhood, which is probably my favorite part because ahead of guidebooks, I always look at blogs for travel advice.

Today, NabeWise is already in Boston, New York Tri-State, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and Austin. My fellow Bostonians can also keep up with NabeWise Boston on Twitter.

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