girls weekend in new orleans, cont’d

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There was minimal planning for our girls weekend in New Orleans and that’s not because we’re not planners, it’s because we were all immensely busy before the trip. Much our of agenda was built from word of mouth recommendations, occasional tips from the Apps on my Droid, and some answers to a tweet. Speaking of Twitter, thanks to @RyanFaas, @cicii3, @ohhayitskk, @_thisandthat_ and my brother-in-law @mattfrech for the great advice!

We had three full days and the last thing we wanted to do was be bound by a daunting schedule. It was nice that way. We took it all in at a comfortable pace. When we saw something interesting, we stopped. When we were hungry, we ate. And when we needed a nap, we slept – that’s the benefit of staying in a hotel that’s in the heart of it all.

We didn’t however, want to fly away from New Orleans without having done something a little touristy. So, we did some research – thanks again to my Droid – and found the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, which is in the heart of the French Quarter.

New Orleans Voodoo musuem

It was only $5 to get in and it was made clear that cameras were welcome, even with the flash. The museum is very small and has narrow hallways and secluded rooms packed with voodoo dolls, altars and shrines. And, a creepy skull.

Skull in voodoo museum

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

The good news is, I made a new friend.

skeleton in the voodoo museum

The museum also had a lot of literature and information where you could learn about the history of voodoo and how it made its way to New Orleans. It’s definitely a fun attraction to add to your agenda.

After the museum we continued to wander around the city, taking in the little details that make it unique. Another one of my favorite aspects was the lanterns.

Lanterns in New Orleans

Also, the Ursuline grad in me had to grab a shot of Ursulines Avenue.

ursulines street

The last site we toured before leaving New Orleans was the French Market.

French Market in New Orleans

While there I decided to buy Mike a gift. This Fleur De Lis key hook was perfect.

fleur de lis key holder

It has a cool story too. The person that made this use wood, slates and nails from old houses, many of them destroyed by Katrina. I asked the women selling these who made them and if they had a web site. Sadly, they don’t. But if you’re ever in the French Market, keep your eye out for their kiosk because there are many more and they’re all beautiful.

fleur de lis in french market

Before handing me back my credit card, the woman who sold it to me took another look and said, “what a cool last name.” Her comment kind of startled me for some reason. At first I felt like I shouldn’t take credit for my new French last name as I purchased a Fleur Di Lis. But really, it made me happy – proud even. I texted Mike immediately.

I can’t wait to hang it in our home.

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