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There’s something so different about walking among the former belongings of strangers when the belongings are antiques. Antiques have a history that not only represent the memories created around them, but the art and style during their particular time and location.

Whether it’s antique jewelry, luggage, kitchenware, art or furniture, I’m a sucker for it all. Antiques come with a nostalgia that regular belongings just don’t have. The pattern on a particular set of dishes looks so much like the one in your grandparents’ house. And there are black and white photos of strangers that catch your eye because somewhere – probably in your parents’ attic – there are a few just like them of a people related to you.

On Sunday, Shannon and I perused the Cambridge Antique Market, a place where I could spend all day. It has five levels, including the basement, all filled with vintage pieces that will get memories you didn’t even know you had flowing like crazy. It’s a place that reminds you where you come from, with old sports memorabilia and paintings of local towns.

But I also love the place because it’s simply exotic.

On every single floor you’ll find pieces that touch all parts of the world.

In addition to the classic suitcases and priceless glassware and jewelry, I took some shots of an old Finland Stamp Dish and ashtray made of Mexican coins.

antique luggage

Antique shopping

jewelry in cambridge

old stamp dish

antique market

antique coins

antique glassware

What is most fascinating to me is wondering what kind of journey and adventure these strangers set upon to get these pieces and bring them back.

Have you ever been to the Cambridge Antique Market?

Do you like antique shopping in your town?

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