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This guest post is by Alison Clancy, another fellow Boston blogger who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a drink or two with at one of our many meet-ups. We met over margaritas and we stayed in touch over our shared love of travel, adventure, food, social media and even the desire to salsa all over Boston. Alison is passionate, truly sincere and a person that brings fun where ever she goes. She’s also a Tumblr veteran going strong and she shares her wit and hilarious observations at So Much Sass. Alison is also a talented blogger and social media extraordinaire at Oldways, an amazing non-profit organization that encourages and promotes healthy eating for everyone.


In eighth grade, I stood in front of the White House for the first time. I remember feeling hot, not in attractiveness but in temperature. It was June and the heat was unbearable. I had just spent four days with my classmates being carted around DC in a smelly bus to all of the usual monuments and landmarks. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but l felt like I was just robotically checking off things on the expected “Sights To See” checklist. Even as a wayward teen, I knew that DC was more than just a tour bus route, and I was excited to come back to see the real city. You know, the good stuff.

I finally found what I was looking for when I returned to DC a few weeks ago to visit some friends. After stuffing our faces with bacon and omelets in the morning, my group found ourselves wandering around the Capitol Hill area without a game plan. That’s when we came upon what looked like a huge farmer’s market/garage sale. It was the Eastern Market, proudly known as “DC’s Oldest Continually Operated Fresh Food Public Market.” And it was AWESOME.

eastern market

eastern market

As some of you reading this may know, Boston is trying to establish its own year-round, indoor public food market, and if it actually goes through, I think it would look a lot like this. Local companies? Fresh food? It’s all here and there is so much to see (and buy!).

produce in eastern market

produce in eastern market

sauces and cheese in eastern market

Since I work for Oldways, a food non-profit in Boston responsible for the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and the Whole Grains Council, I love to see a city like DC embrace fresh foods and healthy products like pasta, vegetables, olive oil, and seafood and make them readily available for everyone to enjoy!

gnocchi in eastern market

fresh produce in eastern market

fish in eastern market

“Nemo’s schwimming out to schea!”

I had a wonderful time walking around the market, trying samples and squeezing avocados and making new friends like my bucktoothed pal above. Plus I felt like a real Washingtonian (correct term?) and isn’t that what traveling is all about? Feeling like you’re part of a new place or culture, if only for a minute? Sounds good to me.

–  Alison

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