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This guest post is by Julie Q of JQ Lounge. Julie and I go way back. A long time ago when I thought that┬áBoston bloggers were few and far between I went to a meetup and found out that I was way off. Julie is one of those people that can get along with anyone. When I embarked on that first meetup a few years ago, I’ll never forget how my nervousness and fear of meeting strangers at a bar, alone, melted as we talked. Julie is poignantly observant. She’s witty, fun and just plain hilarious – and so is her blog. Do you read JQ Lounge? You should.


When Susan asked me to write a guest post for her at the beginning of the summer, it took me all of 4 seconds before I responded ‘Yes, of course I’ll write a post, and I already have the topic!’ Sure I’ve done a little bit of traveling to fun cool places… like Cabo San Lucas, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Charleston, SC… but no… there was a place where Susan would probably never conquer on her travels. And that place is Sandals.

sandals resort

We first went to Sandals on our Honeymoon 4 years ago, and then earlier this year we went for a winter getaway and to celebrate the Mr’s birthday. It was an easy sell.

honeymoon in sandals

Direct flights under 3 hours, sun, sand, all inclusive and last but not least.. pool bar(s).

pool bar at sandals

Sandals is the perfect place for a luxurious getaway where you don’t have to plan a thing. They take care of everything for you!

birthday at sandals

There are many different restaurants to choose from, whether you’re feeling like some Hibachi, Italian, Omelets, Caribbean or Burgers and fries.. your wish is their demand.

food at sandals

If you want to hang out with just your honey bunny all week, or make friends with people who live halfway around the world, Sandals works lovely either way.

chess at sandals

If your idea of relaxing is sitting next to a pool but still being able to see the ocean water, this is SO your spot.

sandals resort

Maybe you want to bump into some Bachelor couples? Done and done.


Obviously it doesn’t grant you the adventure of exploring a new location like one would usually do, but for many, it’s just fabulous.

ocean at sandals

I’ve been to 2 different Sandals resorts, and cannot wait to go back. Will I plan my dream trip to Greece someday where I will have to actually plan ahead the different sites we want to hit up? Of course… but it’s fun to mix it up!

And Congrats to Susan and Mike! May they have many wonderful travels together as husband and wife.

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