and then there’s the honeymoon

Posted by susan on September 2nd, 2010. Filed under: getaways.

About six months ago I was at the stage of wedding planning where all I could think about was the honeymoon.  The vendors were booked and it was way too early to start getting arts and crafty so instead, we plotted where we’d spend our first couple of weeks as a married couple.

After deciding on Spain and then Tunisia, Mike and I spent time choosing more specific locations, like where we’d stay and the types of day trips we’d take. We made our own personalized Google map and frequented Barnes and Noble to purchase travel books. It was great.

But despite that fact, the books that we so enthusiastically purchased now sit lonely on our bookshelf, and they have been since then – their sole purpose is to hide the mess of books and frames that overflow that sad little shelf.

honeymoon planning

As we get closer to the wedding (only three more days!) gluing blue and brown ribbon together, brainstorming the perfect sign in and crafting little centerpieces out of candles and espresso beans has suddenly taken precedence over planning, and even packing for our trip. I have been so focused on the details of the day, I keep for getting that in under a week, we’ll be traveling.

In a way, it’s exciting though. Sadly, it took the reaction of a client this week to make me realize that. When I was asked if we had any plans for Tunis or Spain, I embarrassingly replied ‘no.’ But instead of a laugh or an awkward silence I got a “that’s so great, what an adventure, you’re going to have a great time.” And I thought, you know what? I am going to have a great time – we are going to have a great time.

Next Tuesday morning, after an entire night of flying, Mike and I will land in Tunis and we will be free from planning, free from commitments.

For the first time since this whole wedding planning process began, we will be taking every single decision one step at a time…

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