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Posted by susan on August 4th, 2010. Filed under: everyday adventures.

Last Sunday I took an unpleasant trip to the Apple Store to find out why my external hard drive would not be acknowledged by my Macbook when I plugged it in. In short, I was told that my hard drive stopped working and that the only chance I had of recovering my data was to go through a company that charges more than my honeymoon for their services. I looked into other alternatives and it looks like that’s the going rate.

I know what you’re thinking – did you back up? Yes, some of my photos were backed up, but many of them were not. You see, I take a lot of photos and as they overtook my little Macbook and then my external hard drive I found myself with no more space. I recently downloaded Dropbox, but I have yet to really come up with a formal back up system for all of the data I accumulate. And before I could solidify an official process, it was too late.

I have uploaded a lot of photos to my Flickr account. And while it makes me happy to have them there, they aren’t the original files and therefore, the quality will never be the same.

But knowing that I just can’t spend the money to attempt to bring back my files, tonight I spent some time perusing my Flickr account to reassure myself that not all is lost.


Then I came across this photo of a work-in-progress replica of a boat that Mike and I saw on one of our trips to Gloucester.

Stumbling across this photo turned my sadness into optimism a little. While I will never get some of my original photos back, rebuilding my library of memories will be one heck of a work in progress. And even if the end result isn’t perfect, it will always represent something great.

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