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Posted by susan on June 22nd, 2010. Filed under: go green, travel tech.

I’ve got a big Samsonite suitcase from when I studied abroad in college that has gotten me through a number of long trips throughout the years. And for the more adventurous trips, I have my newly purchased EMS backpack that I love so much I have to fight the urge to book flights simply because I want to use it again. But when it comes to the shorter, more fleeting journeys, I’ve got nothing. Seriously, every time I go away for the weekend, which is often, I bring three to five small bags with me just to avoid filling a gigantic suitcase for two days. And believe me, when I give myself the space, I use it.

One week from tomorrow, Lisa and I will be boarding a plane for Mexico for Beth and Bobby’s destination wedding. We will only be gone for 5 nights and our goal is to make it there and back with just a carry on – and I think we can do it.

To make that goal a reality, I have been searching for a small, lightweight, no-nonsense piece of carry on luggage that will get me through this trip and my regular weekends away. The task was a lot harder than I anticipated. I wanted something stylish, cute even, that was also practical. I scoured Etsy and found myself lost in, and falling in love with, retro bags and modern suitcases. I even researched Lug because they had already provided me with the most adorable “personal item” for the trip. At some point I realized that if I wanted something that was affordable, that would definitely last, and would also arrive on time for my trip, I had to buckle down and get serious.

I finally found this lovely American Tourister (which doesn’t seem to exist on their actual website)….

carry-on luggage

At Amazon it costs way less than the listed price and it arrived within two days, which was such a pleasant surprise – I had it for our New York trip last weekend, unexpectedly! While it hasn’t made it through a flight with me yet, it made my normally chaotic road trip much easier. I didn’t have to worry about my shoes, toiletries, hair dryer and clothes being in separate bags, and it has wheels! It’s also eco-friendly. And by that I mean, it is PVC free, 100 percent cotton and has a Bamboo floor.

So now I have my carry on, any advice on how to get all my Mexico necessities into it?

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