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I am not a good cook. This is unfortunate because when I travel there are so many instances where I want to come home and recreate the wonderful meals I have experienced, but just can’t. And while for the most part I find myself leaning toward the great feat of boiling water for a meal of pasta, after much stress, many mistakes and wasted ingredients, I have been able to accumulate a few “go to” recipes and hope to continue to add more one day. But while that list thus far is short, something that has always been a staple for me – a thing that I rarely mess up, is an egg.

Eggs remind me of the semi-Irish breakfasts my parents made for us at home – fried eggs, practically poached in bacon grease, tomatoes, beans, the works. Eggs also remind me of my travels in Costa Rica, where breakfast was always my favorite meal of the day. While in Costa Rica I grew an understanding that la comida tipica is not only delicious, it’s a very healthy, well balanced meal. It is also one of the few meals that I can semi-recreate at home.

Piling fresh eggs, beans, vegetables, some salsa and hot sauce into a tortilla has not only become a regular breakfast for me at home, I often make it for dinner. When it comes to eggs, I am very aware of my buying choices. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve read Fast Food Nation and Skinny Bitch or that I have a best friend who works for Whole Foods, but I’m always paranoid about buying a bad product, and more importantly, about buying one that’s  inhumane.

So when the lovely Mary Kate of Kitchenbelle invited me to attend a blogger dinner sponsored by Eggland’s Best at Stella in the South End, I couldn’t wait to go. Last Thursday myself and other Boston bloggers learned about the benefits of an Eggland’s Best egg. Like how they never use hormones, steroids or antibiotics of any kind and that they feed their hens a very healthy and natural diet.

As we listened, we were served some amazing, egg-based dished. Among them was a linguine carbonara with a poached egg on top, a duck omelet, of which I was afraid but really liked…

kitchenbelle blog party

…a gigantic slice of french toast, that I think had some orange zest, and potatoes. They also served steak and eggs, which looked amazing but I was too stuffed to grab another round.

breakfast in boston

For dessert we were served a beautiful chocolate torte with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce. I somehow managed to find more room for that.

stella restaurant

As always, the best part of the night was seeing my Boston Bloggah buds – Susie and Chelsee of We Are Not Martha and Peter of On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever. As you can see we lined up by height and I, as always, fell into place on the end.

Boston food bloggers

I arrived late so at first I had to sit at a table alone for a while, but then a kind group of bloggers squished together and welcomed me at their table. In addition to Peter, I had the pleasure of sitting with Janice and Liz of Meal Makeover Moms, Will The Boston Foodie, Sarah of The Pink Shoe Diaries, April of Wicked Tasty Harvest, Nicole of Healthy Chow and I finally met Athena of Forays of a Finance Foodie – we have had so many “almost meetings” and I was so glad we could finally connect.

Inspired by all that I had learned about Eggland’s Best’s integrity and good practices, yesterday morning I rushed to the store to grab my very first package of Eggland’s Best Eggs. I decided to keep it simple, over easy.

organic eggs

And they were great.


A complimentary gift certificate was included in my gift bag, which I used to purchase the eggs. I wasn’t compensated in any other way and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.  

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