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Posted by susan on March 24th, 2010. Filed under: stylish travel, travel tech.

On Sunday Lisa, Bryce and I took a stroll around Harvard Square, soaking in the last few hours of sunshine. I promised myself I wouldn’t be sucked into a boutique, but as we walked by Passport Boutique I remembered getting an email that they were having a sale, and at the very last minute I shouted, “can we go into Passport Boutique!” So we did.

I immediately remembered why I always try to avoid it. Everything in there is so adorable. I always leaf through each shirt and blouse, pick up every cute passport holder and sleek piece of luggage, and I can instantly picture myself wearing, holding and lugging it all around with me. That store has unique items but they all meld together into one tempting selection of style that begs… “you want to be uniquely stylish when you travel, don’t you?”

Why do I avoid that, you ask? Because once I look at the price tag that euphoria evaporates and I am reminded that I am in fact, in a boutique in Harvard Square. Not this time though.

This time, I got a Lug Travel bag.

pretty travel gear

Isn’t it so cute? And it’s my absolute favorite color. My purchase was justified because the last time I flew, which was my Costa Rica trip, I realized I didn’t have a good carry on bag. I ended up taking some big purse that I got for free at DSW for spending $20.

This bag though, wasn’t a splurge at all. The suggested price was $72 and it was marked down to $50. That was still too much for me, but it was low enough to pick it up and walk around the store pretending it was mine. And as I did that, a sales associate told me that it was 40% off the lowest price so I got this sucker for $31.

It’s small enough to not get in the way, but it seems big enough to carry all that I would need on a plane. It’s also packed with many pockets and has many sections for things like a magazine, my iPod, and even a couple of snacks – which I always bring with me because I can’t bring myself to pay a fortune for a terrible sandwich on the plane.

And it also fits a pretty kitty…

travel gear

When you travel, do you end up winging the carry on bag like I usually do? Or do you have a special go to?

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