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Posted by susan on February 7th, 2010. Filed under: travel tips.

In elementary school I was taught the 50 States that rhyme song to help me remember all of the United States in alphabetical order. To this day, I remember almost all of the words to the song and by default, can recite the states from A to Z.

I think for most people, music is a good medium for learning. And as I look for new, convenient ways to practice Spanish, I’ve recently stumbled upon a new addiction.

While we were in Costa Rica, I saw the video for “Lo Hecho Esta Hecho” (I did It Again) by Shakira on TV in one of our hotel rooms. I had always liked the song in English but for some reason hearing it in Spanish made me like it even more – it’s been on my gym playlist ever since.

I also had no idea what she was saying so I looked up the lyrics, which I frequently read while listening to the song when Mike’s not home. Yeah I try to sing it too. It’s kind of like my revenge on my downstairs neighbors who constantly rock the same four R&B songs on repeat at a volume that makes my floor shake.

Lo Hecho Esta Hecho lyrics found at

Do you ever listen to music in another language to help you learn?

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