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Posted by susan on January 26th, 2010. Filed under: everyday adventures.

In our attempt to make our regular girls’ weekend feel more like a getaway, two weekends ago my friends and I decided to take a little tour of Boston, antique style. I had somehow found Antique Limousine after a long search for some unique activities to fill our weekend. With a promise that the chauffeur would “dress, speak and act the part of the 1930’s,” we couldn’t pass it up.

That Sunday, after a quick bite at the Black Rose (one of my loves), we walked over to the Custom House to meet our ride – a beautiful 1939 Cadillac.

Before hitting the road, our guide was kind enough to take us to the top of the Custom House, which has beautiful views of the city.

The Tower was originally built between 1837 and 1847 and at the time was right on the shore of the harbor, before landfill was poured around it. Next, we were off to explore the city. Not surprisingly, the car garnered a lot of attention from people walking the streets.

The tour took us around the city where we saw some traditional sites like Paul Revere’s House and Fenway Park. We also had a nice drive through neighborhoods in Charlestown and Beacon Hill, where we were able to take a peak into the windows of Boston’s wealth. We also got to see where Edgar Allen Poe was born, which was a first for me. Coincidentally, we drove by just a few days before his birthday.

While it wasn’t the most comprehensive tour of Boston, that’s not what we were looking for. We got to sit in affordable luxury, sip champagne, enjoy the company of a knowledgeable tour guide, seemingly pulled right out of the North End circa 1930, and at times had a personality right out of Goodfellas. We learned about Edgar Allen Poe’s neighborhood, dove into his controversial relationship with the city, and best of all spiced up another successful girls’ weekend – this time – locally.

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