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Posted by susan on December 2nd, 2009. Filed under: travel tech.

I haven’t started to pack for Costa Rica yet. We leave on Saturday. I have the Boston Blogger Happy Hour tomorrow night (thanks to a lovely organizer) and I’m meeting friends for dinner on Thursday night. I’m also trying to finagle some plans for Friday night because I’m one of those people that likes to over commit, do things last minute, try to act like Wonder Woman and then get stressed out later. Boston bloggers, tomorrow night please be kind and pretend you don’t notice that I have gray hair… already. Thank you!

Despite the fact that none of my belongings are in a bag, nor do I know what will go inside said bag, two recent and productive shopping experiences, one at Eastern Mountain Sports and the other Target (of course), have somewhat prepared me for the trip.

travel gear

I am going to fit everything, aside from a few carry on items, in that backpack for our 9 day trip. It’s pretty big, but I’ll manage because it isn’t bigger than me, which actually is a surprise since I’m a mere five foot nothing.

toiletry bag

At Target I came across the above toiletry bag that is equipped with a hanger and comes with regulation size liquid containers for the plane. I have been holding out for so long to buy a better version of this, but we’re down to the wire and I’m hoping this will get the job done. I’ll report back.

luna bar

Last year when I was in El Salvador and Guatemala, I took a chance on some Luna bars and they turned out to be life savors. They were filling and delicious and were the perfect snack for re-energizing between meals and activities. I also picked up some Balance bars because I wasn’t sure if Mike would be put off by the fact that Luna bars are made for women. I think I made the right call.

first aid travel kit

As I perused the aisle in Target that has all of the mini bottles of shampoo, mini soaps and cute little travel toothbrushes, I grabbed this tiny first aid kit on a whim. You never know if you’re going to get scraped up climbing a volcano.

neutrogena sunblock

And finally, no you’re eyes are playing tricks on you, that says 85+. I know there are rumors claiming that anything over 30 is useless, but you know what, I’m a red head with fair skin and I used this on my trip last year and I came home without the slightest bit of a burn. This was expensive, but I know it will be worth it. That is, if the weather holds up.

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