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Posted by susan on November 9th, 2009. Filed under: epicurious travel.

Every time I am even remotely close to Philly I always get an urge to take advantage of all the things I miss while in Boston.

Take for instance, Wawa.


Nothing beats being able to punch in your dream hoagie into a touch screen and also be able to ask for toppings on the side. Their breakfast sandwiches are also out of this world. Whatever you do, don’t compare it to 7 Eleven, it just isn’t the same, trust me.

And Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery.


Whenever myself or a friend goes back to Philly we almost always grab a case to bring home, I feel like more often than not there is at least one bottle in my fridge.

And then there’s Yards. While I do like a lager from time to time, my real go to is an ale, and Yards is one of my favorites.


[Courtesy of Frontier Saloon]

The first time I ever had a Yards was at North Third, one of Mike and I’s favorite restaurants.

And of course, a cheesesteak from Larry’s.

Philadelphia CheeseSteak

[Courtesy of Advance Food Company via What’s Cooking America]

Yes, everyone knows the famous Pat’s and Gino’s steaks, but when I lived in Philly I walked across the street from my college campus to get my cheesesteaks, and that is what I miss.

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