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Posted by susan on November 3rd, 2009. Filed under: everyday adventures.

The other day on Matty in the Morning, our local radio station, they talked quickly about the movie Almost Famous. I own that movie and it is one of my absolute favorites. I love it because it is about a person that needs to step out of his comfort zone to accomplish a career that is exactly in his comfort zone. He travels with people he’s never met, he is challenged and through many ups and downs, he succeeds.

In a way I think the eye opening experiences in that movie are similar to those one experiences while traveling. Whether it be language barriers, cultural barriers or simply the discomfort that goes along with breaking routine, the reward, the knowledge and the enlightenment achieved is invaluable.

When I watch that movie, I not only yearn for that kind of epiphany, I yearn to get out there – to travel and to experience. This thought reminded me that there are a lot of movies that move me in this way, so I thought I’d write a list.

To start of course…

Almost Famous – makes me nostalgic for a time I never experienced. As the main character travels with Stillwater across the country, it makes me want to get in a car and just drive. It makes me want to embark on an adventure that will not only let me see new places, but challenge me and make me grow.

Sideways – reminds me of our trip to Santa Barbara and makes me want to go back. I’ve always wanted to learn more about wine, how it’s made and the people behind it.

Chocolat – makes me want to not just travel, but to go and live in a new place. To not just see the everyday of another location, but to live it.

Love Actually – one of my favorites, makes me wish I were in London every time I watch it. In a place that lacks a language barrier for me, it is still interesting to be reminded of the more minor differences in culture.

I see myself thinking of so much more as time goes on, but for now, what movies make you want to travel?

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