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In September during one of my first years in college in Philly, my South Jersey friends took me “down the shore” for the first time. On the way down, I asked them what it was like and they told me there were numbered streets, wooter ice, funnel cake (aka fried dough) and of course, a board walk.

I never frequented the beach as a kid. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I have laid on a Cape Cod beach. When I was really young my family would go to Maine, but at the end of the day, we were a winter family. We went sledding, snowmobiling and ice skating on a lake behind our house. I did visit Kennebunkport a few times, but overall, to me a beach town meant scenic woods leading up to a beach, most of it rocky and all of it cold.

On the way down to the shore, when I was told there would be a board walk, I pictured just that. Boards of wood that formed a path on which beach-goers could walk, dry off their feet and get away from the heated sand for a bit.

When we arrived in Ocean City, New Jersey what seems like ages ago, I was struck when I saw what they really meant by a boardwalk. I think the first words out of my mouth were “there is a carnival on the beach!” They assured me that the spectacle before me was in fact, the boardwalk.

Last weekend I visited Ocean City for the second time with my Jersey friends. It was our fourth or fifth girlfriend getaway. Older and wiser and in dramatically different weather, I experienced that Ocean City Jersey is much more than just a carnival on the beach…

ocean city

And slabs of wood where people can walk…

ocean city boardwalk

It has Mack and Manco’s pizza that is so good I couldn’t wait to dig in before taking a photo…

mack and manco's pizza

It has Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy. And if you get your picture taken with him, they email you a copy and you get posted on their site. I didn’t find that out until after I approached good old Shriver here and asked him if I could get a picture simply because I wanted one. When you’re a blogger, you’re pretty much obligated to make photo opps like this happen.

Shriver's Salt Water Taffy

It has a store where you can create your very own t-shirt to solidify that you are in fact, on a girls’ weekend, in the most obnoxious way possible…

atlantic city

Best of all, last weekend Ocean City had some girlfriends out to have a good time….

What more can you ask for?

After our day on the boardwalk, we made our way to Atlantic City and for me, it was a first. But more on that later…

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