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Posted by susan on October 20th, 2009. Filed under: travel tech, travel tips.

Remember when I went to the Boston Globe Travel Show and all of a sudden I kept getting calls saying I won a free trip to anywhere? The catch was that in order to earn what I had allegedly won, I had to go watch a presentation at a hotel in the middle of nowhere and stay there for a night. I was also given very restricted timing.

I am standing by the fact that it was a hoax.

Recently, I signed up for a wedding expo I never attended. While I missed out on the show, I didn’t miss out on all the gimmicks that go along with it. For the past couple of weeks I have been getting nonstop phone calls, tons of snail mail and probably about a million emails a day, all congratulating me on my engagement and offering me the world, allegedly.

I will admit that my name and contact information is floating around a few other wedding websites as well, so I won’t completely attribute this to the show. Either way, since my engagement, my evenings have consisted of sifting through postcards from bridal shops and vendors, fake boarding passes and notes from realtors reminding me of the first time home buyer tax credit.

Anyway, as I catch up with my email and my reader, it was nice to break out of the wedding industry for a bit and actually find some worthwhile, no gimmick attached, contests that have some amazing prizes…

This month, Nomadic Matt is giving away an ipod touch and more.

Thanks Paul Johnson at A Luxury Travel Blog, you can win a luxury two-night stay in London.

Also, there are three days left in the Europe a la Carte Blog Twitter competition where you can win a seven day stay in a one bedroom apartment at the Parque de las Américas.

Fantabulously Frugal is giving away a gift certificate to Sunglass Warehouse – maybe I can get a pair for that fake cruise!

Know of any other good contest/giveaways/deals out there?

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