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Posted by susan on September 30th, 2009. Filed under: travel tech.

This is how I used to chronicle my memories.

photo albums

I’d take my roll of film to CVS, wait patiently for the photos to be printed, look at them with excitement when they were finally developed, and then sort through them – picking and choosing which ones would be salvaged for an album.

My six month study abroad trip was so long that I practically made a scrap book, at least as far as my pitiful level of craftiness allowed. I saved coasters and welcome letters, receipts and bus passes, all to go along with my photos.

The photos in my albums are wearing now and in the oldest ones, the actual pages are slipping away.

I was a late bloomer with buying a digital camera, but when I finally took the dive, I thought it was magical. The ability to take as many photos as I want without having to worry about film running out is amazing to me and the fact that I can store the photos in one place in an organized way, makes me happy.

However, the other reason why I was ecstatic about having a digital camera was the ability to choose which photos to print. No longer would I sort through a pile of photos in search for ones that would make an album, I was searching for those that would evolve from digital to physical form.

The thing is, having this luxury has actually turned the act of getting photos printed into a daunting task. The excitement and thrill of getting to sort through a fresh roll of photos for the first time is gone.

The most updated prints I have are on my wall, and the incentive for that was simply decoration. The second most updated set of prints I own are from my study abroad trip. Considering how long ago that was, I think that’s pretty sad.

I don’t think that Flickr and Facebook albums, no matter how accessible, can really replace the real thing.

Do you?

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