i saw a whale breach

Posted by susan on September 28th, 2009. Filed under: boston travel, getaways, go green.

The weekend trip to Gloucester with Mike never really happened because we couldn’t justify throwing a hotel room on the credit card after buying plane tickets to Costa Rica and paying for our two kittens to get spayed.

We thought about going on a day trip to salvage the whale watch that I had purchased a while back via Groupon, but decided that it was too rainy on our anniversary weekend to take the risk. We had one weekend left to use it before it ran out, but during that weekend, Mike was at a bachelor party in Pennsylvania.

Long story short, Lisa was kind enough to come up to Gloucester with me to fulfill my Groupon and go on a Cape Ann Whale Watch. Let’s just say, it was worth it. We saw a humpback whale breach, twice!

In an effort to get a good picture, I had my camera ready, zoomed in and pointed toward the vast ocean. When the whale dove up and out of the water I snapped a photo, but the huge swells throwing the boat around caused me to only grab a picture of the sky.

Lisa, on the other hand, brought her serious photography skills…

humpback whale breaching
humpback whale breaching

I never thought I’d really see something like that in real life – it was absolutely incredible.

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