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Posted by susan on September 16th, 2009. Filed under: epicurious travel.

There are a lot of cafes and bakeries in my area, and I love that. They’ve got fresh food, unique selections and best of all, an abundance of coffee. Each Spring when the weather begins to get warm and then stays warm throughout the summer, one of my favorite things to order is iced coffee. I almost always choose iced over hot, at least until I see snow.

However, one thing I have learned from these many coffee shops is that they don’t always give the same care and attention to their iced coffee as they do their hot. At a place where you can order specialty coffees from around the world, you will also find the most hastily thrown together, watered down cup of iced coffee that tastes no better than what you can find at a gas station.

This drives me crazy.

On a rare occasion though, I do come across a place that does put as much effort and time, and heart, into their iced coffee as they do their hot. This past weekend, that place was Hi Rise Bread Company in Cambridge.

While I found their prices to be a little out of my league, if you know what I mean, I couldn’t deny that it was for a very good reason. Their food was fresh and delicious. Look at this little egg sandwich with spinach and some sort of healthy version of bacon.

breakfast in boston

And this brilliant idea for a sandwich, oozing with nutella and goodness, was amazing.

hi rise bakery

The best part was that their iced coffee was strong and flavorful. I can honestly say that it was probably brewed that day instead of thrown into a big plastic container with all the other leftover coffee, awaiting an order for iced. Isn’t that the way it should be?

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