as summer sets…

Posted by susan on August 14th, 2009. Filed under: everyday adventures.

This summer has flown by. In Boston, continued rain and overall bad weather seemed to delay it’s arrival. And the first time I really felt like the season changed – it was almost August. And here we are, almost a half a month in and I am just realizing that there are only a few weekends left!

I won’t say that I regret the way I’ve spent my weekends thus far, they were filled with weddings, awesome parties and even some mini-adventures around town. But, as always, I had either much higher expectations or never thought to really plan it all out.

As a result, there are a few more things I would like to do before the fall sneaks up on me…

boston harbor

Kayak. I’ve done it on the Charles before but I’ve always wanted to do it in Boston Harbor because I love the view of the city from there. One of the best things about Boston is that you don’t have to travel at all to get to the ocean.

Go to The Butterfly Place. Just because my mom recommended I check it out – for my blog :)

Free yoga at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. Every Saturday during the summer the hotel hosts Yoga in the Yard at 10:00 AM. I have always wanted to get into yoga because it’s the best exercise for someone with knee issues, but I want to really experience it before I make the investment in classes. Hopefully I will be able to fit in one lesson.

A weekend in Gloucester. Every year for our anniversary, Mike and I head up there to relax, sit on the beach and most times, go on a whale watch. Luckily, this year’s trip will be a bit cheaper because I jumped on a Groupon for a discount on a whale watch a few months ago!

Do you have any last minute adventure wishes you want to fulfill before the season ends?

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