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Last week I mulled over some unique skylines that I have seen in my day and I asked you your favorite without even telling you my own! The truth is, I have no idea what my favorite skyline is. I think I am hesitant to settle on just one because there are so many I haven’t seen.

I love Boston, obviously, and Philadelphia and of course, New York. Oh, and London. You guys did have some great ones too and I thought I’d share them here…

Andi‘s favorite, hands down is NYC. Nothing is better than the Big Apple! Every time she would travel, coming home would be so difficult, but as soon as she’d see the NYC skyline she would be really joyous to be home. Also, Sydney and Hong Kong are pretty special!

Jakarta is always Andhari‘s favorite of course but she also loves the skylines in NYC, Sydney, London, and even Hong Long (where you can see the coast and the ocean along with the hills and tall buildings).

Samantha said Boston has to be her favorite (so far!) she loves the Zakim too because it adds a lot to the feel of the city.

Marina agrees that the Tappan Zee bridge definitely offers the greatest view of Manhattan from that side, and the George Washington from the other.

Lilu is a total sucker for London. Something about Big Ben just warms her heart.

Nomadic Matt thinks that Chicago has the best skyline.

Lindsay says that something about the New York skyline still gets her every time.

Lacey Bean said –  of course, New York. Especially at night.

Brian thinks Hong Kong has the best skyline especially at night when viewed from Tsim Tsa Choi.

One of E.P.‘s favorite skylines is looking out into a Tuscan valley from her Cortona home.

Thank you for all your comments and for reminding me of all that is out there! I wish I could see them all in person…

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