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Posted by susan on July 24th, 2009. Filed under: boston travel, epicurious travel.

I spent a lot of my life working at a fried seafood joint in the suburbs – which has recently been converted to a sit down, Greek Restaurant – and they really did have the best fried clams and onion rings in the world. But because back in high school and college I was actually a healthy athlete, I pretty much never took advantage of the wonderful fried seafood I served each day.

Now that I don’t spend my weekends making tartar sauce, serving clams and scooping ice cream, I think it’s necessary to stop and enjoy the food that I watched so many enjoy back then.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day in Boston, so for lunch I couldn’t think of a better place than The Seaport Bar & Grille. I like this place because they have a more laid back, blue collar feel compared with the other fancier restaurants in the area. And, they have a roof deck that overlooks the harbor and of course, good seafood.

We enjoyed fried scallops.


And mussels.


I got a little sunburn sitting on the roof, but it was worth it.

What kind of food do you enjoy in the summer?

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