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Posted by susan on July 22nd, 2009. Filed under: travel tips.

Last week I asked if you had any tips or tricks that help keep you focused on planning your travels, as I believe that staying focused on what really matters, time with friends, family, travels, etc., is most important.

Because you came up with such good ideas, I decided to dedicate this post to what you came up with…

Julie Q said that she updates the screen savers on her work computer, which usually helps keep vacations in mind.

Lisa said that she makes note of where all friends, new and old, live and takes advantage of visiting them. Since they are living there, it is a free place to stay but it also gives you a deadline you can’t control, which forces you to take the time.

Jay W. said to keep your travel money separate. A savings account designated especially for travel will make sure you’re not buying other stuff with that money.

Andi said that people should also think about having an inspiration board where they can post pictures or quotes or whatever will inspire them to travel in the future!

Liz Kao at agrees with dining in authentic restaurants – partly because it’s easy for her to do in San Francisco. She also agrees that the idea of having a world map nearby is also great.

Anil thinks that it helps to peg down a place to go and make plans within say, 6 months or a year to make your next move. That makes it easier to save for a trip, something that holds many people back.

Thanks for all of your great advice! I actually stuck to my new deadline of planning our next vacation, and as soon as I know I have the time off, Mike and I are booking a flight to Costa Rica…
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