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This weekend Mike and I chatted with some of our Philly friends about how the two cities have so much history and coincidentally I spent my Sunday with Lisa walking around one of the historical landmarks of Boston.

Castle Island in South Boston has a beautiful view of the ocean and the beaches scattered around it are filled with people barbecuing, rollerblading and biking. Families lounge on the grass, fly kites and play catch and planes soar out of Logan right over your head.

The main attraction however, is Fort Independence.

castle island fort

Before leaving sunny Castle Island, we took the free guided tour of the Fort, which is the last of eight that were built on this spot. The first was built in 1634 and the current one was built between 1834 and 1851. It has amazing views of the city, remnants of old weapons and replicas of cannons, including this Rodman cannon that faces Harbor channel.

rodman cannon

The fort is also lined with many flags that mark various points in history.

castle island fort

From the top you can see the Korean War Memorial.

castle island tower

And did I mention the beautiful view?

boston skyline

Parts of the fort are covered in earth so that incoming cannon balls would either sink into it or ricochet off intsead of damaging the walls.

I’m definitely adding this to the tour the next time I have friends in from out of town.

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