leaving the pets home alone

Posted by susan on July 16th, 2009. Filed under: everyday adventures.

For the first time, Mike and I left the kittens home alone for an entire weekend. To prepare, we left out extra bowls of food and water, closed all the closet doors and the door to the bathroom, we made sure our basil plant was up high and unreachable and we shut the windows slightly to let in some air but also prevent them from bursting through the screen and falling down four flights.

As prepared as we were, I have to admit I jumped up, heart racing with worry, in the middle of the night a few times wondering if they were suffocating in the heat or if they had pried open a window and jumped out. But when we finally returned, everything was fine.

Except for one minor thing. We learned that if you are going to go away for a weekend and leave your kittens home alone, you should hide your cotton balls. Apparently, they love the things…


(I was trying to make my nails pretty before the wedding and I hastily left all my supplies out on the coffee table – lesson learned).

Yes this post is going to be one in which I display my love for the two little animals that have recently entered my life.

Let it be known that as a true “dog person,” I never really liked cats before now – the way they walk around all independent, acting like they’re better than you. But I must admit, raising these little angels (yes I can them that) as kittens makes it is impossible to not become attached.

So without further ado, meet my little Walt…


And Angie…


I’m not going to go on about how “my cats are different,” “they love people” or “my cats act like dogs” because I’ve never believed those phrases from anyone in my life and I’d be a hypocrite to say them here even thought they’re true.


But cat person or not, you have to admit – they’re pretty cute right?

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