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Posted by susan on June 17th, 2009. Filed under: epicurious travel.

I made a great friend at my first job after college, Amy. Our contrasting personalities meshed in the best way instead of clashed, we took fun lunches, enjoyed wine on workdays and even partook in sophisticated tastings.

We effortlessly broke out of the awkward binds of the traditional work-friendship and we even started doing double dates! The last time Mike and I saw Amy and her now husband was at their wedding, which was in York, Maine.

Since then they moved up there and it has been difficult coordinating our schedules to get together. Two weekends ago, we finally did.

That Saturday we made reservations at a local Italian restaurant, packed up a cooler with cheese and crackers, a bottle of sauvignon blanc and a bottle of zinfandel, made it down to the beach and sat in front of the ocean until it was time for dinner.

Just as the sun started to set, we walked across the street to Mimmo’s.


Mimmo’s is one of those local joints that remind you of your grandmother’s house inside.

It is small and intimate and upon entering you will find Mimmo himself, weaving through the tables, checking in on the regulars and introducing himself to the newbies – he walks around like a celebrity.

If you look closely you will find that Mimmo places pictures of himself with his friends throughout the restaurant – which adds to the homey feel.


Mimmo’s was my very first real BYOB restaurant experience. I think the first thing our waitress asked us was if we brought our own wine and then when she saw us pull it out of a cooler, she ran and grabbed us an opener.

We enjoyed mussels and pasta, our own selection of wine, and best of all we had a perfect view of the ocean. And, even though Mimmo’s was BYOB, in true Italian style, they offer a sambuca after your meal.


After dinner I managed to grab Mimmo for a photo opp as he quickly passed by our table, one of the many times.

susie and amy

Too bad I couldn’t get Mimmo to sign it.

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