do something every day that scares you. every. single. day.

Posted by susan on June 10th, 2009. Filed under: travel tips.

I stole that from one of my favorite bloggers- Franki Durbin of life in a venti cup.

Once a year she commits to a life tune-up because she “genuinely believes you have to design the life you want.”

Think about that for a second…so simple, but so true.

In a recent post, she invited her readers to join. It is a seven day process filled with inspiring tips and guidelines that you can adjust to match your own life. I highly suggest you read each tip, if you’re going through a lull in your life, your confidence or your job, or even if you feel like you just need to mix things up. I am going to try next week.

The part about doing something that scares you every day really stood out for me because it has been those times that I have made the most incredible experiences, for myself.

I was horrified to leave my family and friends and move to Philadelphia for college and it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to experience a whole new city, I made the best friends in the world and of course, I was able to be a mere 20 minute train ride from Mike instead of 6.

When I left to study abroad in Ireland for a semester in college, it was the first time I ever needed a passport- instead of taking traveling abroad slow, I chose to dive right in. It was scary getting on that plane, but I did it and I would never take it back.

Those are a few big examples. But, to get to the heart of Franki’s point – doing something that scares you every day – it is always good to start with the little things.

The first time I went to the movies alone, which sadly enough wasn’t too long ago, I was nervous. There is something about an experience, traditionally designed to occur in a couple or a group, that when done solo makes it exciting. Does that make sense?

My first ever blogger meetup was kind of exhilarating. That sounds weird, but let me explain. You walk into a bar alone expecting to meet people you have never really met. You don’t know what everyone looks like, you hope that you find a group that looks like they could be bloggers and that when you approach them, they actually are so you don’t look like an idiot. If you are as neurotic as me, before entering the thought crosses your mind that this was one big joke and that you are going to walk in there alone and no one will be there or ever speak of it again.

That was dramatic- but things like that aren’t anymore for me, because I’ve done them. And next week, when I make a concerted effort to take scary risks, both big and small, I know I will be chipping away at any reservations that block my adventurous side.

What is the best thing that’s happened to you that was a direct result of stepping out of your comfort zone?

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